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Foods You May Have to Give Up if You Have Lots of Fillings

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Aron Geelan, DMD
Foods You May Have to Give Up if You Have Lots of FillingsFillings are materials used to fill a cavity in a tooth. Teeth usually get cavities when bacteria inside the mouth have eaten away a small portion of a tooth. Fillings can be made of a number of different materials, making them a versatile solution for cavities. Fillings are also great because they protect your teeth from further decay.

We often recommend staying away from certain foods to keep your teeth healthy. Generally, foods that you need to eat in moderation are high in sugar or acid. These types of foods introduce premature decay of your teeth. Some people may have fillings. While the material fillings are made of are strong, they are weaker than natural teeth. Because of this, there are additional foods to avoid if you have many fillings.

Foods to Avoid with Fillings

Fillings are susceptible to coming loose over time. This is because the material used to make a filling can be pulled from the teeth. In order to avoid this, it's best to avoid sticky foods such as gum or some types of candy. When you eat these types of foods, they have a tendency to pull on fillings and cause them to loosen. Other foods you may want to avoid are crunchy foods like potato chips or ice. These foods can cause a filling to chip depending on its location.

Caring for your oral cavity changes greatly after having a filling installed. While you may not be able to enjoy some foods as often as you like, fillings keep your teeth protected. If you have more questions about how to care for your mouth with fillings, please call our office. If you think you need a filling, we can help you with that too!

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