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How Preventative Dentistry is better than Restorative Dentistry

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Aron Geelan, DMD
How Preventative Dentistry is better than Restorative DentistryThe saying the prevention is better than the cure holds true in dentistry just as much as it does in real life. Prevention in all its forms, including regular dental visits, dental cleanings, and appointments, may seem small, but on the larger scale, preventative dentistry is much better and far less painful than the treatments of restorative dentistry.

It's much kinder on the wallet as well. You are probably wondering what preventative dentistry is all about and why the whole fuss about it. Well, preventative dentistry is more than brushing your teeth daily. It's a lifestyle, a conscious decision to make your teeth and body healthier.

Why the Emphasis on Prevention?

Restoration is good. Is it, however, necessary? This is the question we in the dental world ask ourselves. Rather than restore a broken tooth, why not ensure the tooth doesn't break altogether? Prevention serves to mitigate the risk of disease occurrence.

One reason why we focus on prevention is that the cost of restoration surgery is much larger than the cost of prevention. Simple cleaning could prevent periodontal disease with a treatment that costs thousands of dollars.

The other reason for the obsession with prevention is that certain conditions only progress to irreversible states if they're not discovered early. Such conditions include tooth decay and oral cancers. Our dentists will be able to note a malignancy far before the lump even appears, saving you the cost of having to undergo palliative care because of disease progression.

Ultimately, when we look at prevention and restoration pragmatically, the cost and burden of time in prevention is nothing compared to the agony and wallet related constraints associated with restoration. In any case, our offices are always open if you are looking to learn more about how to prevent the occurrence of dental disease or simply learn more about preventative dentistry, so come visit our office today.

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