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All On 4
Portland, OR

Diagram of All on 4 Treatment Concept at Geelan Dental Care in Downtown Portland, OR It's no secret that missing teeth can change various aspects of your life, from your appearance to the type of foods you can eat. For most patients, loss of teeth can kick start the jaw to gradually lose bone density. This can cause the lips and surrounding skin to begin sagging. In the past, most patients had few options besides dentures. But the advent of dental implants and All-on-4 procedures have turned a new leaf in restorative dentistry, allowing patients to have more choices for tooth replacement.

What's Different About All-on-4 Dental Implants?

Conventional dental implants require patients to have a healthy jawbone to serve as 'anchors' for the implant. Conventional full arch rehabilitation will require anywhere from six to eight implants to support a complete fixed bridge. This can be a problem for patients with inadequate jawbone density, often requiring extensive restorative surgeries in the form of bone grafts. An All-on-4 procedure provides a better alternative to patients who are experiencing jawbone loss. Experienced specialists such as Aron Geelan, DMD and at Geelan Dental Care can perform the procedure in as little as two hours per arch. The procedure provides the dentist with more freedom to choose the densest part of the jawbone for placing the titanium posts, which can eliminate the need for bone grafts. This reduces recovery time as well as the number of visits you may have to make to the dental practice. All-on-4 dental procedures are ideal for busy patients who may not be ready to commit to long recovery periods. The faster recovery time allows patients to get back to their routine. In some cases, the entire procedure can be completed in a single session, allowing patients to go home with a fresh new look that same day.

Understanding the All-on-4 Dental Technology

In most cases, the All-on-4 dental procedure is performed under anesthesia for the patient's comfort. Our dentists will create a 3D image of your teeth and jaw to determine the best possible place for the titanium posts. Next, the dentist will remove any broken or damaged teeth as well as any infected tissue. This is followed by an incision in the gum tissue to expose the jawbone. A small hole is drilled into the jaw for the implant. In the case of All-on-4 implants, the titanium posts are set at an angle to improve stability and biting force. Abutments are then attached to the posts, which serve as the interface between a dental crown and the implant itself. At Geelan Dental Care, we use specially designed implants and abutments that mimic the appearance and functionality of natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they do not need to be removed and can last for decades with good care. Some patients may require bone grafts depending on the progression of jawbone loss. They may also require treatment for gum disease before proceeding with the procedure. Contact Geelan Dental Care at (971) 323-1990 to learn more.

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At Geelan Dental Care, we specialize in the All-On-4 Treatment concept for patients missing all or most of their teeth. Call us today to learn more!
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