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Oral Sedation

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For many of those who may suffer from anxiety, it can be very difficult to get them into a dental chair. It is still very important, however, that everyone receives good oral care. Every year, we learn something new about how to treat patients who feel uncomfortable with a visit. In the technological boom of the last decade, it has been easier to adopt modern innovations which have done incredible things for the field of dentistry. Because it can be so quick and simple to have a dental procedure done nowadays, the only concern many patients have now is the fear of pain. This is very understandable, which is why in addition to faster processes, so you spend less time in our office, Geelan Dental Care also has the means of alleviating anxiety which can make the treatment much easier on you.

How Conscious Sedation Benefits You

There are three primary types of sedation used when we perform a procedure that may cause discomfort. Each one can be valuable in its isy and should be taken into account when considering a patient’s stress level. Some people may prefer a more immediate relief while others are okay with waiting around until the sedative kicks in. Either way, when we begin your treatment, we can ensure you will be quite comfortable.

Many are already familiar with laughing gas, which is formally known as nitrous oxide. You inhale it through a mask on your face and when you feel pleasantly mellow, only then will we begin your treatment. It can be very relaxing and when it wears off, it is safe for you to drive yourself home.

Some strongly prefer intravenous, or IV, sedation, because the sedative is placed directly into the bloodstream and relief can be immediate. We will use a numbing agent to take the sting out of the needle. The amount of sedative can be carefully monitored to handle individual levels of stress or tolerance. During your procedure, you can be alert, so you can communicate with us during the treatment.

Relaxing Beforehand

For those who may not want the confinement of a mask or dislike needles, an oral sedative could be exactly what you need. We may even prescribe you something to take the night before so you can sleep well, rather than have anxiety-induced insomnia. An hour before your procedure, we will give you a pill to take that will help you to relax. In addition to feeling no pain, it is even possible that the medication can eliminate some memory of the experience, which means less trauma for you.

Many people already understand how important it is to take care of their dental health, so through sedatives, we should be able to make it easier for you to have treatment without additional stress. If oral sedatives sound like something that you need, please stop in at our office at Geelan Dental Care where we are happy to answer your questions, or just give us a call at (971) 323-1990 to schedule an appointment.

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